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Chemical Peeling cost in Bangalore

Chemical Peeling cost in Bangalore

Chemical Peeling also goes by the name Skin Polishing, especially among the patients. I see a lot of enquiries coming in for chemical peeling cost. No surprise there, after all chemical peeling is an extremely popular treatment.

How much does a chemical peeling cost in Bangalore?

A couple of factors can influence the cost of chemical peel, the most important being the type of peel you are getting done. Superficial or lighter peels are relatively less expensive that deeper peels, peels that go deeper into your skin. The other factors being the area (body part) and the indication for which chemical peel has been advised by the dermatologist.

For one session of chemical peel, we charge between INR 2500 – 4000. We also offer package pricing since typically a series of sittings is required to before we achieve adequate results.

One must bear in mind that the price mentioned is for chemical peel done on the face. Also, these rates are applicable at this point in time and are subject to change. Should the cost of the chemical peel sold by the manufacturer go up, the cost of the treatment shall also get subjected to a revision.

Chemical peeling is done for treatment of acne scars, hyperpigmentaiton, skin rejuvenation, under eye darkness, to name a few.

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