Tips on How to Take Care of Face

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Tips on How to Take Care of Face

Tips on How to Take Care of Face

All of us like to look our best whether it’s an interview we’re going for, a first date or even a movie with our closest friends. And why should we not? It is the first thing people notice anyway. So, here are some daily face care tips that’ll help maintain a younger looking skin.

Simple face care tips put in an infographic for easy understanding

So, how to take care of face to look younger?

a. Your face needs cleansing. – Using a pH balanced medicated face wash twice daily is a must in face care regimen across all skin types. Face wash not only clears impurities but also gives a rejuvenated look by clearing off the dead cells. Face wash should be different from body soap / shower gel as it may cause a lot of dryness to the skin.

b. Exfoliate your skin. – Many people tend to miss exfoliating their skin in their weekly face care *routine. Studies have revealed that properly exfoliating your skin will show an almost immediate difference. There are various ways you could exfoliate. There are various facial scrubs readily available or you could even consider making one of your own. You could visit your skin specialist for chemical peeling that would best suit your skin type.

c. Moisturizing is key. – Moisturizer / skin lotion forms a barrier and helps in maintaining the rejuvenated look on the face by preventing TEWL (transepidermal water loss). A good moisturizer should be long-lasting and should have fewer applications, preferably twice daily. Medicated moisturizers are without any fragrance and hence they are paraben free (the allergy causing chemical).

d. Apply Sunscreen so your effort doesn’t go a waste. – A good long-lasting sunscreen is an often missed component of ‘face care’. Because our work involves extensive travel, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to skin damage in the form of superficial wrinkles and general withered appearance of the face. Hence, a good sunscreen with SPF 20+ for Indian skin type is recommended. The sunscreen should be applied 15-20 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

e. Indulge in the right foods. – Food rich in anti-oxidants such as dry fruits, fresh fruits, green tea, green leafy vegetables along with sufficient intake of water, preferably 3-4 litres per day, are essential for maintaining the youthfulness of the face. It has been seen that topical application of fruits from the citrus family such as lemon, oranges and sweet lime has a depigmenting effect on the skin. Certain topical serum would be available with your dermatologist that has vitamin C extract and has proven beneficial in cases of skin tanning and facial rejuvenation.

f. Use cosmetics but remove them too. – Certain cosmetics when applied over a period of time have a detrimental effect on the texture of the skin and may leave the skin looking old and jaded. Hence, it is advised to first check for the allergy potential of the cosmetic to be applied. You should also bear in mind to not have cosmetics on for prolonged hours. A gentle face wash or an astringent can be used to remove the cosmetics applied followed by moisturizing.


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