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Hair Fall Tips

Hair Fall Tips

Most of us have faced, at some point in our life, an unexplainable reason for hair fall. We have covered the various reasons and treatment for hair loss in a separate article. Here, we are going to talk about some easy-to-incorporate hair fall tips.

How to prevent hair fall:

  • Well, we expose our hair to pollution and hence keeping it clean is the key to healthy hair. Ensure to wash your hair 2-3 times in a week. This will help remove the dirt and excess oil
  • We advise washing hair with lukewarm water. Washing with very hot or cold water can damage and cause breakage of hair
  • Avoid using strong shampoos. A mild shampoo is sufficient and use little of it, enough to wash your hair
  • Use a conditioner after shampooing your hair. This helps disentangle at your hair and allows you to manage it better
  • Avoid brushing wet hair because when we brush wet hair, it gets pulled and may finally break
  • In case you use a hair dryer, you should make sure to not hold it very close. Do not direct the air on the roots directly. Instead, direct it on the hair shaft and keep moving the dryer. Prolonged exposure to hot air may damage your hair
  • In case your hair has knots, consider using a wide-toothed comb
  • Avoid exposing your hair to direct strong sunlight. Consider wearing a hat or a scarf
  • Avoid split ends and trim your hair regularly
  • If you are a swimmer, you should either wear a swimming cap or rinse your hair before entering the pool. Rinsing is advised because if your hair is already wet, then it will not absorb as much chlorinated water from the pool
  • Have a healthy balanced diet. What you eat and drink generally affects your hair
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water is not only a magical potion for your skin, it also is for your hair
  • This one is the most difficult. Try and take as little stress. Stress directly affects your skin and hair

If you are suffering from hair loss and would like to consult, please do contact us.

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