Stem Cells Therapy

One of the advances in hair loss and regrowth treatment is the introduction of stem cells treatment. When talking about hair regrowth treatment, today stem cells therapy is one eminent procedure considered for hair loss. Stem cells is over a decade old treatment and has seen a lot of success in various fields of dermatology and plastic surgery.

Hair grows out of follicles present on the scalp. Stem cells are naturally present in the centre of hair follicles and maintain the growth and vitality of the individual hair. Due to certain factors such as stress, or injury to the hair follicle these stem cells are no longer viable and that causes hair loss or damage to the hair.

Since stem cells are instrumental in hair growth, in this treatment stem cells solution is injected in to the scalp which sends molecular signals to the follicle cells thereby resulting in new hair growth. The stem cells are capable of regeneration through cell division which causes new hair growth.

Why is Stem Cells Therapy / Treatment done?

This therapy not only combats hair loss but also improves the quality of hair.

Stem cells is a non-surgical procedure. It is an absolutely safe and painless method and does not require hospitalization or post-procedural care.

This treatment is mostly done for bald patches and thinning of hair. For adequate results, it is advised to have 6 to 8 sittings, each 3-4 weeks apart. Like other hair loss treatments, stem cells therapy also gives long term results.

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