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Laser Hair Removal cost in Bangalore

Laser Hair Removal cost in Bangalore

We have already covered the various doubts that may arise in one’s mind about laser hair removal. The next big question in a patient’s mind is the costs involved in getting this treatment. We have tried and answered laser hair removal cost in Bangalore with as much precision as we can.

The thing to note is that the prices mentioned are charged at our clinic at this point in time and are subject to a change.

Laser Hair Removal cost in Bangalore?

Well, the cost of laser treatment for hair removal depends on a couple of factors including the type of hair and the machine used. I am putting down the average cost we charge a female patient for laser hair removal treatment.

  • for full face it costs between Rs.4500-6000 per sitting
  • the upper lip costs approximately Rs.1000 per sitting
  • the chin again costs approximately Rs.1000 per sitting
  • for the neck, the charges are Rs.2000 per sitting
  • for the underarms, we charge Rs.3000 per sitting

We offer package pricing, wherein the cost per sitting is lower than what one pays for individual sittings. We use the long pulsed ND:YAG machine for the treatment.

Since hair grows in cycles, we need multiple sittings for an effective result. Most patients need between 8-10 sittings at a gap of 4-6 weeks for best results. Face requires more frequent sittings compared to arms and legs.

LASER hair removal yields long term results. If one were to do the math, then what a patient pays for every threading and waxing appointment over the same period is far more than what she would pay for undergoing laser hair removal treatment.

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