Is LASER Hair Removal Painful?

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Is LASER Hair Removal Painful?

Is LASER Hair Removal Painful?

Is LASER Hair Removal painful? Each patient considering undergoing this treatment has posed this question to me. Frankly, it is an individual’s tolerance levels that determines how painful or painless this procedure is.

Is LASER Hair Removal Painful?

Generally LASER hair removal is less painful than waxing or threading. More than pain, it is ‘discomfort’ that one may feel during the treatment. The level of discomfort may vary from patient to patient and is typically influenced by:

  • the body part where treatment is being done,
  • the skin type, and
  • the texture of the hair

Patients with a darker skin type tend to feel more pain / discomfort than those with lighter skin type. This is because they have more pigment in their skin and hair. The logic behind more discomfort is that the darker the hair, the coarser it is requiring the pulse of the LASER to emit more energy on to the follicles. One may feel this pain only for that one second when the light hits the skin. We advise using ice packs for Nd:YAG treated skin or ultrasound gel for diode treated skin to reduce the intensity of the pain.

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