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Anti Aging Treatment in Bangalore

Anti Aging Treatment in Bangalore

Ageing is an inevitable biological physiological process. We all desire to have a youthful and energetic look, despite increasing age. Ageing can be intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic ageing is natural, whereas, extrinsic ageing is due to pollutants, stress, sunlight exposure, chemicals and so on.

What are the common signs of aging?

  • Wrinkles and lines – This is a very common sign of aging. We notice wrinkles and facial lines as we age.
  • Dull Skin – With age, the glow in our skin reduces.
  • Age Spots – This is also known as hyperpigmentation and starts to appear due to aging or sun exposure. Which is nothing but excess production of melanin, the skin pigment.
  • Sagging Skin – As we age, the tautness of our skin reduces giving it a very loose appearance.
  • Patchy Skin – This appears when the melanin content varies on different parts of the skin.

Our anti aging treatment options combat the above signs and help restore a youthful look.

  • Chemical Peels – Also known as skin polishing. Peels help “peel” the upper layer of the skin and has hence proven effective in treating the sun-damaged skin. Commonly used peels are Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Pyruvic acid and Jessner peel.
  • LASER Resurfacing– As we age the collagen production in our skin reduces. Collagen is the connective fiber that increases elasticity of the skin and makes it tighter. With the help of laser, we can increase the collagen content in skin reducing the loose-ness of the skin. Commonly used LASER’s are Nd:YAG, IPL ,CO2 and Er:YAG LASER.
  • Microdermabrasion– Non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that is commonly used for skin rejuvenation. It exfoliates the epidermis, removing the damaged layer, giving a fresher look.
  • BOTOX– Enough has been discussed about Botox and Fillers. Botox and Fillers are both super treatment options to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face. However, each has a different purpose. Botox helps correct dynamic facial lines such as frown lines and laugh lines. Most common anti-ageing treatment to reduce skin wrinkles and sagging of the skin.
  • Dermal Fillers – Fillers is for correcting static facial lines, which are lines that are visible even on a straight face. Additionally, fillers help fill in age related depressions on the face and plumping of thin lips. Basically, filling in the areas of decreased collagen to reduce sagging of skin and to give a younger and fuller appearance.
  • Threadlift – Thread lift is an anti aging treatment used for facial rejuvenation and is designed to correct sagging face.

Along with the above treatment options, we advise our patients to incorporate some simple measures in their daily life.

  • Apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. One of the simplest and most effective measures to prevent UV damage to the skin. A sunscreen with SPF more than 20 is ideal.
  • Consume Vitamin A and Vitamin C derivatives–Vit A is an important content of anti-ageing creams and helps decrease pigmentation and wrinkles. Vit C increases collagen production in the skin that in turn increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • Include organic / natural compounds in their diet – Green tea, lemon, aloe vera, Ginkgo biloba, and cucumber are natural anti oxidants that have anti-ageing properties.
  • Apply estrogen containing creams. These act by thickening the skin, increasing hydration of the skin, and decreasing trans epidermal water loss (TEWL).

So, if you want to Hebe-fy yourself, then follow the above measures to prevent your skin from aging and enjoy younger looking skin.

For those who are wondering, Hebe in Greek mythology is the goddess of youth.

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