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Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Regrowth Treatment

The problem of hair loss is increasingly becoming a lifestyle disorder and is seen in both genders alike. Hair loss can be classified as thinning of hair, baldness, bald patches, or a receding hair line.

This problem can be genetic, stress-related, due to age, hormonal imbalances such as post-pregnancy, hypothyroidism, PCOD, chronic illness or even unhealthy food habits to name a few.

Hair Growth Treatment Options Include:

In some cases, hair loss can be treated by medication. For example, if it’s stress, any disease or a particular medication that triggers hair loss. Additionally, we offer a bouquet of hair loss treatments.

  1. Mesotherapy for hair loss – In this treatment, a nutrient rich solution is injected into the mesoderm level of the scalp at multiple points. It is injected into the target tissues, just below the epidermis. This solution aids hair growth by nourishing and hydrating the scalp. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp, making the hair follicles stronger as a result of which the follicles create healthier hair. This solution also prevents the secretion of DHT, which is the main hormone responsible for hair fall. This requires no anaesthesia or post-preocedure care. One can go back to work soon after the procedure. It requires a sitting every 2-3 weeks until desired results are achieved. Mesotherapy is more effective along with tablets in hair restoration and rejuvenation.

2. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy for hair loss – In this treatment, a patient’s own blood is drawn and centrifuged. Centrifuging is a process wherein the blood is processed in such a manner that only the enriched cells remain. These enriched cells are nothing but platelet rich plasma. Hence, the name. These protein rich cells are then injected into the affected areas of the scalp, that stimulates hair growth. This treatment is non-surgical and totally natural. Since one’s own blood is used, any chances of an allergic reaction are eliminated. Topical anaesthetic may be applied in case one’s pain threshold is low.

3. Stem Cells Therapy for hair regrowth – In this treatment, a stem cell solution is injected into the scalp to rejuvenate damaged or dead hair follicles and promote hair growth. Stem cells are naturally present in the hair follicles. Due to certain factors, some of the hair follicles get damaged resulting in hair loss. The stem cell solution that is injected into the scalp sends out a signal to these cells present in the hair follicles. This in turn, helps in hair regrowth. Stem cells treatment not only fights hair loss but improves the overall quality and texture of hair. The treatment is non-surgical, safe and requires no post-procedural care. It requires a sitting every 3-4 weeks until desired results are achieved.

4. Hair Transplant – This is ideal for treatment of bald patches or a receding hairline. As the name suggests, in this treatment healthy hair follicles are implanted into areas of hair loss. So, hair follicles are taken out from usually the sides or the back of the head and transplanted to the balding areas. Unlike the above three treatment options, hair transplant is done under local anaethesia. The advantage it has over the others is that it requires one sitting that may last an entire day, depending on the size of the patch.

These treatments aim at preventing hair loss and baldness and promoting hair growth, and covering bald patches. All these treatments can be offered to both men and women.

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