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Hair Transplant Surgery in Bangalore

Hair Transplant Surgery in Bangalore

Of all hair regrowth treatments available today, hair transplant surgery is the most effective in the restoration of baldness. FUE hair transplant can be done for men and women alike and can be done to restore facial hair including beard hair, chest hair as well. Theoretically, the process is simple. The hair transplant surgeon removes hair follicles from the part of the scalp that bears hair and uses it to fill area(s) with thin or no hair. These are called the donor site and the recipient site, respectively.

The highlight of this procedure:

In a hair transplant, your own hair is removed and planted. The belief is, since it is your own hair, the original characteristics will remain unchanged and the transplanted hair will continue to grow.

Pictorial and video representation of FUE hair transplant surgery:

At our clinic, hair restoration is done by Dr. Saurav and Dr. Ravi Kant Bhushan (one of the most renowned hair transplant surgeons in the country).

An infographic representation of how hair transplant procedure is done


As a preliminary step, we understand the patient’s hair loss history. Once we establish the patient is the right candidate for hair transplant, we analyse the recipient site, which is the site with thinning or no hair.

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. Depending on the number of follicles that need to be transplanted, the procedure could go up to one full day. Post-op care generally involves medications to avoid any discomfort, which is a common side-effect of hair transplant.

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