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Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency Treatment

What is radiosurgery / radio frequency (RF) treatment?

Radiosurgery / Radio frequency treatment is a procedure that we use extensively for the removal / excision of benign cutaneous skin lesions. It is one of the advances of the decade; the earlier technique being electrosurgery / electrocautery.

Electrosurgery has been in practice for many years. In electrosurgery, we pass electrical energy through the tissue to destroy / coagulate it.

How does Radiofrequency work?

The radiofrequency unit consists of a transformer that changes the main voltage to a high voltage and a high frequency. Resistance to the passage of radio waves through tissue generates heat, which causes the coagulation of the tissue. It is a safe procedure since the heat generates in the tissues while the electrode remains cold.

The main advantages of radiofrequency over electrocautery are:

  • RF causes less lateral tissue damage
  • RF machine comes with a coagulation mode that we can use should there be bleeding during the procedure
  • The radiofrequency unit is a recent modification over electrosurgery as it operates at a frequency of 3.8 mHz

    Uses of RadioFrequency for Skin and Face.

    Radiofrequency has several uses, particularly in cases where it is important to achieve good cosmetic results.

  1. It is used in the removal of warts:
    • Facial warts
    • Palmar warts
    • Plantar warts
    • Molluscum Infection
  2. In the excision of benign skin conditions:
    • Skin Tags
    • Freckles
    • Black Heads / DPN
    • Cherry Angioma (Age related red colour spots)
    • Spider Naevi
    • Rhinophyma (Growth of the tip of the nose)
  3. It is used for cosmetic corrections:
  4. RF is extremely popular in facial rejuvenation
  5. Radiofrequency energy is also used for skin tightening over face and neck
  6. We can use it in combination with diode laser for wrinkles and in combination with jessner’s peel for facial rejuvenation

Radio frequency treatment comes with a certain set of limitations:

  1. This treatment is not advised to patients with a keloidal tendency
  2. RF is not advisable for patients with pace makers since it can affect certain pacemakers
  3. It is not for patients with a history of medicines for bood thinning
  4. Nor it is for patients with a history of recurrent infection / herpes infection

Radiofrequency is one of the most cost-effective and least invasive procedures for the desired skin results. If used regularly for facial rejuvenation and skin tightening, the results are at par with other modalities of treatment for the same.

If you would like to get this treatment done by our skin specialist, please do contact us.

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