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Side Effects of BOTOX

Side Effects of BOTOX

Today, BOTOX is an incredibly popular, effective, and affordable non-surgical cosmetic treatment. In this article we are going to talk about the uses and side effects of BOTOX.

BOTOX Injection Uses:

  • Botox is almost synonymous with wrinkle correction treatment. It is useful in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles that start to appear on our face. These include:
    • crow’s feet (the cluster of lines at the corner of the eyes)
    • forehead lines
    • frown lines
  • It is used as an anti ageing treatment (for a smoother skin) as well as for facial contouring
  • To control excessive sweating in the arm pits, palms and soles

Side Effects of BOTOX:

Technically, botox is a very simple and safe treatment. Simple because you can be in and out of the treatment in as less as a half hour. Safe because it has no extremely serious side effects.

The most common side effects of botox are:

  • Feeling of slight weakness near the muscle where the injection is given
  • It is also common for people to experience slight redness or soreness at the site of the injection
  • Some may experience bruising or bleeding too

Key Takeout:

While many may offer this service, you have to use your judgement in selecting your doctor. I strongly advise you to consult a trained medical professional for this treatment. If the botox injections are given too deep or two low or in the wrong spot, you will not see desired results. In fact, you may have to wait for a few months for the effect to wear off before you can reconsider getting another sitting.

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