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Swimming Skin Care

Swimming Skin Care

Swimming is known to be the best form of exercise at it puts minimum strain on our body with maximum benefits. While it may help us maintain our body, the chemicals present in the swimming pool water may cause variable damage to our skin and hair should proper care not be taken. Hence, it is advisable for swimmers to follow a good swimming skin care regimen.

Unfortunately, many of us think that care begins only after the swim. Well, that of course ain’t true. Preventive skin care begins right before entering the pool.

Before Swimming Skin Care

Now why do you think all pools mandate taking a shower before entering the pool? The reason is twofold. One because, a shower washes off any infection; thereby preventing it from spreading to the other swimmers. Two because, taking a shower before swimming hydrates your skin preventing it from getting dry after coming in contact with chlorinated water. Some skin doctors also suggest the use of an oil scrub before the pre-swim shower to enhance hydration.

Use a conditioner before a swim to prevent cuticular damage due to chlorine in swimming pools. In addition, use a swimming cap to prevent hair damage.

While Swimming Skin Care

Does your skin get sensitive after contact with chlorinated water? Consider using a water resistant body lotion. As most of the available pools are in the open, use a water resistant sunscreen lotion to prevent tanning of skin after a prolonged swim.

Some swimmers also complain of frictional injury / chafing after a prolonged swim. Use of petroleum jelly in the skin folds will prevent this problem.

After Swimming Skin Care

This is the most crucial part. Take a long shower with fresh water to wash off the harmful chlorine. Use a pH neutral soap or body wash that helps maintain the acid mantle of the skin. Use an EDTA containing shampoo to rinse off the chemicals from the hair.

After a fresh water shower, use a body lotion with aloe vera or ceramide to help maintain the tone of the skin. It also helps in restoring the moisture content of the skin.

Regular swimmers may use these skin care tips to maintain the texture of the skin and prevent damage due to chemicals in the pool.

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