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Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It is only natural for you to take utmost care of it. We offer a host of skin treatments in Bangalore at Dr. Saurav’s Skin Clinic.

We offer solutions for all types of skin, dry, sensitive, and oily. We have an active blog wherein you can find good skin care regimens for your respective skin type. A moisturizer followed by a sunscreen with SPF 30+ pretty much does the trick.

Additionally, we offer an array of dermatological and cosmetological treatments. From allergies, infections, rashes, pimples to skin tightening, LASER hair removal, BOTOX, we cater to all. We constantly upgrade to follow the latest advancements in the industry.

We shall try and answer here some questions we are often posed with.

Do we offer dry skin treatment?

The answer is YES. We offer treatment for dry, oily and sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin need to take extra care of their skin.

Do we offer dark skin treatment?

Well, we certainly cannot change the skin colour. We however, do have solutions such as Chemical Peels and Pigmentation Treatment (also known as skin lightening treatment).

If you have any skin concerns, please do contact us.

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