A female with dark patchy skin on the face is advised pigmentation treatment by a skin doctor.

Pigmentation Treatment

Having a clear, blemish free skin is the dream everybody aims to achieve. Skin pigmentation manifests itself as dark or light patches especially on the face. It is a huge concern and cause for stress among the look conscious, women and men alike. Pigmentation treatment is also known as skin whitening treatment.

What is Pigmentation?

Increase in levels of melanin, the pigment in the skin that produces colour. Simply put, higher levels of melanin will result in a darker skin type and vice versa.

Pigmentation can be because of both external and internal causes. External causes include prolonged sun exposure, pollution, cosmetic allergy and injury. Internal causes include diabetes, hypothyroidism and drug intake.

Treatment for Pigmentation

The preliminary step in treatment of pigmentation is to assess the underlying cause. One must also make some lifestyle changes that include a healthy diet, regular exercising and use of high SPF sunscreens on a daily basis.

Use of depigmenting creams with hydroquinone, kojic acid and glutathione is helpful in reducing pigmentation. Oral glutathione and tranexamic acid is used in conjunction with topical creams.

Additional line of treatment may include:

  • Standalone or combinations of chemical peels with glycolic / lactic / mandelic acid / jessner peel
  • Micro-needling radiofrequency rejuvenation, and
  • LASER – Use of Q:Switch and Nd:YAG LASER has gained widespread popularity in the treatment of pigmentation
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