Close up of a skin tag on a person's body.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags, also known as soft warts, are a common benign skin condition composed of loose fibrous tissue. Common areas where skin tags are noticed are mainly the neck, underarms and other areas of the body where the skin folds.

The lesions may vary in size. They are about 2mm on an average and have a long stalk. They are round, soft and inelastic and have the skin colour in the initial stages.

These are some of the most common doubts patients have on skin tags:

Q. Are skin tags an infection?

A. Contrary to popular belief, skin tags are NOT an infection. It is a benign skin growth caused due to weight and age. It is often confused with warts, which are a viral infection.

Q. Are skin tags cancerous?

A. There is no evidence that suggests skin tags are cancerous.

Q. Will it spread or recur?

A. Once removed correctly, skin tags don’t recur. However, because skin tags occur due to skin folds, one needs to keep the body weight and lifestyle in check.

Q. What is the treatment for skin tags?

A. Excision of individual skin tags with radiofrequency or LASER are the two most common treatments for removal of skin tags.

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